The Miner's Museum

cbwirelessp5-03Situated on one of the most picturesque coasts of Cape Breton Island, on a 15-acre site filled with wild roses and grasses, the Museum pays tribute to the region's long and rich history of coal mining. It is home to profound stories of miners and their families, and the resource that helped build a nation. The Museum is also home to the famous choir of miners - The Men of the Deeps.

While visiting with us, don't miss an underground tour of the Ocean Deeps Colliery, a coal mine located beneath the Museum building. Retired coal miners are your guides for this excursion underground, and promise to entertain and inform you in a custom that has become treasured by visitors all over the world.

The exhibit area focuses on the geological development of Cape Breton's coal field. Learn all about the various types of coal mining and mining techniques, see our vast display of equipment and listen to the stories of miners, the companies they worked for, their unions and their families.
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